Big Stopper – Hitech N.D. Filter Comparison – Color Caste

Joachim Bardua

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Neutral density filters, especially “Big Stoppers”, are important pieces of equipment for serious landscape photographers. One problem might be the color caste of some filters. We tested three big stoppers from Hitech, which can be purchased quite easy (contrary to the LEE big stopper) and are affordable.

Reviewed Hitech Resin N.D. Filters

  1. Hitech 100mm Neutral Density Filter – ND 3.0 (note from Hitech: “Please note that these filters may not be suitable for cameras with a CMOS sensor”)
  2. Hitech 100 ND Pro Stop Filter – 10 Stop (3.0)
  3. Hitech 100mm ProStop IRND Resin Filter – 3.0

Review Equipment:

  • Nikon D600
  • Nikkor 2,8/20 mm AI-S lens
  • Hitech filter holder
  • DxO Optics Pro


The Hitech ProStop IRND Resin Filter provides the best result off all reviewed filters from Hitech, but some color cast must be accepted and is inevitable, even with a postprocessing in DXO, Photoshop etc. There are better filters on the market (e.g. LEE, Breakthrough Photography, Singh-Ray, Haida)!

Your Hitech ProStop IRND Resin Filter rating: [ratings]

Hitech Filter Examples

White balance camera standard, processed with DxO

White balance set to 8.000 K

White balance set to 12.000 K

Each image developed with an individual white balance (probably the best)