Großer Ahornboden – Photographic Impressions

Joachim Bardua

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Großer Ahornboden

Karwendel Mountains

– Photographic Impressions –

Rißtal, Eng, Großer Ahornboden & Kleiner Ahornboden are well known places in the Karwendel Mountains/Austria.

Especially the “Großer Ahornboden” around the Engalm (Eng alp) at the head of the valley, is famous for his up to 600 years old sycamore maple trees (Berg-Ahorn, acer pseudoplatanus). The Rißtal – sourronded by steep mountains like the Grubenkar Spitze – provides hikers and mountain bikers some great opportunities.

Photographers – like us – can find other challenges: Shooting images in the Rißtal or Ahornboden at night, while full moon or autumn light!