Schleierwasserfälle, Saulgrub, Upper Bavaria – Photography

Joachim Bardua

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Saulgrub, Upper Bavaria

The “Schleierwasserfälle” (or Schleierfälle) near Bad Kohlgrub, Bad Bayersoien and Saulgrub in Upper Bavaria are a great destination for photography or a nice weekend walk (minimum: half an hour for one way)

Schleierwasserfälle, situated at the Ammer valley, are formed by water running down the slope, forming a water curtain with moss and typical sinter terraces. As it is a very sensible natural environment: Please do not take pictures or walk, play … on the terraces! Best time for visiting the Schleierfälle is after a period with heavy rain (but be prepared for a steep, wet and muddy path)!

Photos: Some photos were taken while blue hour and full moon!

More: Hiking around Schleierwasserfälle (about 4 hours).