Scurion 1500 LED Headlamp Review – Night Photographers Dream!

Joachim Bardua

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A powerfull LED headlamp is must-have equipment for every serious night photographer! But which one to choose? When hiking up and down small mountain pathes at night, even at foggy conditions or when it starts raining, you need a rugged, reliable and powerfull LED headlamp with a long battery life!


Having searched for a headlamp we decided to pick the Swiss made Scurion 1500. Why? Our long-term outdoor experiences tell us, that a headlamp must be rugged and reliable. Spending a night in the bivy bag – because the headlamp fails – might not be funny!

The Scurion 1500 is not a bargain.The headlamp is sold in different versions for caving, diving, mushing, orienteering, outdoor and bike. For the outdoor version – our choice – you have to spend about €690.- Euro; the set contains headlamp, outdoor-headband, cable, two batteries and a charger.

The light output of the Scurion 1500 is rated with 1.600 lumen. You can find lamps from different competitors with a higher rating – forget the lumen war! Facts like beam distance, illumination and battery life are more important.

Our experiences with the Scurion 1500 show a great beam distance and a phantastic illumination – hiking along a rugged trail and seeing the trail hundreds of meters ahead or illuminating a building for night photography is a pleasure with the Scurion 1500 (see image below).

The Scurion 1500 LED headlamp turns the night into a day.

The Scurion is designed with two highly efficient LEDs from Cree – the leading LED manufacturer: one spot and one wide angle LED. The system comes with four factory settings, ranging from a walking mode (wide angle LED: strong, spot LED: low) to a competition mode (both LEDs with full power). You can set it up as you like with different light combinations – up to ten settings are allowed (have a look at the scurion simulator:

The battery life is rated between 2.8 hours (minimum) and 106 hours (maximum), depending on the LED settings. Scurion claims, that these are theoretic values and for real world use you should subtract 10-15%. In reality you can leave the spare battery at home and save some weight.

Wearing the Scurion while hiking might be uncomfortable – because the complete setup hits the scale at 475 g. So we would recommend to stow the battery pouch in a pocket or attached to a hipbelt (note: our setup has a cable with a connector, so it is possible to attach the battery pouch with a long cable, which is sold separately).

What we are missing is a red LED – an essential functionality for night photography. So we carry an extra LED, the ultralight Petzl e+LITE.

Image: illuminating the Wildenberg castle with the Scurion 1500 (camera: nikon D600, lens: Zeiss Distagon T* 21mm f/2,8).

Scurion 1500: Illuminating Wildenberg Castle for night photography


  • Incredible brightness and light output
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged, durable and reliable
  • Glove friendly
  • Programmable for your personal usage
  • Different options (cables, mounts) and colors
  • Waterproof, IP67 rated (outdoor & dry caving system)
  • Made in Switzerland


  • High price tag
  • Bulky size, not stow away friendly
  • Weight (about 475 g)
  • Orienteering headband might be more versatile than the outdoor headband

Scurion 1500 LED Headlamp Review: Conclusions

The Scurion 1500 headlamp is a phantastic piece of equipment for night photography. Rugged, powerfull, versatile, glove friendly and the long battery life are some positive aspects of the Scurion headlamp. The only negative aspect is the high price tag – but you get a Swiss made item which should last your entire career as a night photographer!

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